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Italian Kitchen

We are proud to share very special meals with clients in the course of our small group explorations. During stays at villas, clients enjoy dinners prepared by local cooks and chefs – each with a specialty that focuses on local, fresh, and incredibly flavorful meals. Italy’s culture is based upon a rare fusion of food, family and land; that combination is, in a large way, why people visit bella Italia.

Cortuna Lunch, June 2015

Cortuna Lunch, June 2015

In the course of day trips we stop in trattorias and restaurants known for both the expertise of their chefs as well as the bounty produced in their kitchens. Access to restaurants and trattorias from our select hotels, on itineraries that include overnights away from our villas, offer clients an even more diverse array of foods to savor.

Cooking class? We can ensure your kitchen experiences with local chefs are unforgettable. Let us  know your goals and we will help you achieve them.

In Tuscany, fresh olive oil and pastas, sauces created of the freshest tomatoes, the finest beef and pork all come together on evening tables.  Restaurants and cafes in Venice tempt clients with the bounty of the sea.

On Sicily, from porcini mushrooms (in season) to the bounty of the sea, clients experience extraordinary meals, always mindful of the regional influences of land and weather in the culture of Italy. Along the Amalfi Coast, we enjoy fresh seafood, incredible vegetables and desserts.

Le Marche and Umbria tempt with rare truffles, exceptional wines and unique preparations. Along the lakes of Northern Italy, fresh lake trout, artisan pastas, luscious risottos and world-famous wines add the perfect, flavorful touch to each day’s explorations.

Freshest pastas, prepared in Emiglia Romagna, achieve the height of perfection in Bologna; ravioli, cappellini and tortellini in luscious light sauces abound. Tramezzini in Vicenza are famously flavorful and light. Everywhere we visit, exceptional local food surprises and satisfies any appetite.

Vegetarian? Gluten intolerant? For those clients who require a special dining experience, our chefs and cooks can accommodate nearly every need. Italian produce and its preparation are a major reason that travelers come to Italy.  We enjoy sharing the abundance of the Italian Kitchen with our clients.