Tours of Northern Italy & Lake Region

Crystal clear alpine lakes, surrounded by the Italian and Swiss Alps, exceptional local specialties prepared by cooks and private excursions across northern Italy await you on this memorable trip. From a gorgeous villa located along the shore of Lake Maggiore, you experience easy day trips to Bellagio, Lake Como, the Centovalli, Vicenza and Lake Orta.

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Umbria & Le Marche

From the spiritual village of Assisi to an island fortress on the shores a gorgeous lake, the little known corners of Umbria are balanced with incredible meals, fabulous wines and quiet, tranquil, nights. Le Marche is a hidden, relatively little known, province of Italy

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Tours of Sicily and the Amalfi Coast

From Taormina above the Ionian Sea to Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples, from the lonely sentinel of Selinunta’s incredible temple to the stunning mosaics at the Villa Romana del Casale near Piazza Armerina, Sicily is a gorgeous and surprising island. Greek temples, Roman ruins, ancient amphitheaters which play host to annual drama and music festivals abound

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Tours of Florence

Travelers rarely have the opportunity to truly experience the art treasures of Florence. The “Birthplace of the Renaissance” rightfully deserves a more in-depth study. In response to many requests from clients, we now offer this special tour.

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Tours of Rome

For those who wish to visit the Eternal City in the course of traveling in Italy, before or after one of our tours or as part of an itinerary plan in country, we offer a special three day/three night visit to this fascinating and historical city.

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Art & Photography Workshops

We have been privileged to lead or coordinate several custom art and photography workshops in Italy and Greece. Such workshops have taken place on the Amalfi Coast, across the provinces of both Tuscany and Umbria and in the city of Florence, in the amazing city of Venice, in the ancient city of Athens, and on the breathtaking island of Santorini.

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Custom Itinerary Plans

Our staff will create a custom itinerary plan for your journey in Italy (Greece, Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain can also be added if you so desire). Our detailed planning is evident in our very specific focus on individual client goals and requests, from hotel recommendations/reservations to restaurant reservations, car rentals to private car with driver, day to day detailed support and many, many, other services.

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