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About Private Italy Tours Ltd

Private Italy Tours Ltd was founded in 2003 by M. Gordon Smith. He has traveled across Italy for over thirty-five years and is the author of several books about the experience of traveling in Italy. Tuscan Echoes, A Season in Italy was released in 2004. Tuscan Light, Memories of Italy was released in 2007. The third book in his Italian Trilogy is in progress.

In addition, he teaches classes at several local community colleges using two textbooks he has authored in support of those programs; Travel in Italy and Art and History of Renaissance Florence. He also continues to present to travel groups, community service groups and other interested in informative and entertaining presentations about traveling in Italy.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Italian staff includes three professional bilingual private tour leaders who support those tours which Mr. Smith cannot lead.

Our philosophy is based upon providing worry free travel experiences for clients before, during and after their time with us. Italy is an exceptionally beautiful country. Your travels will be supported by professional staff whose job and passion for service gives you time to relax and enjoy the most beautiful country in the world.

Private Italy Tours was founded on the premise that far too many visitors come to Italy, hardly see it, and leave. The company’s explorations are structured to give clients the opportunity to enter Italy, live the Italian experience, and return home transformed by the beauty of the country and her people.

We realize that travel in its most basic forms can be a challenge; negotiating both United States and foreign airport transit/security, baggage check-in processes, making your connecting flight . . .

Our travelers always appreciate knowing that, when they arrive at their final destination, a staff representative of the company who speaks both English and the local language is waiting to greet them.

Tuscany, June 2015

Tuscany, June 2015

We have developed very close business relationships with tour guides, restaurants, chefs, owners of olive oil producing estates, cafes, van and car services and other custom service providers across Italy. All of these relationships are strengthened and developed so that clients benefit from the most professional levels of services possible.The heart and soul of Private Italy Tours Ltd is our unwavering commitment to providing unique and unforgettable experiences to our clients. In addition to our Italian tours, we also offer special tours from time to time. Some examples of these extraordinary tours are Normandy Coast, Southern France, Switzerland/Bavaria. We keep clients up to date using our newsletters, website and blog.

Annie Robichaud in Assisi

Annie Robichaud in Assisi

Join one of our small groups of clients for what has consistently been rated a “Five-Star” experience in bella Italia.

Thank you for your interest in traveling with us.